Collection: Stain and Rust Removal

Someone To Do It Marine Cream Cleaner is a versatile cleaning product specifically designed for use in marine environments. It is formulated to effectively clean and restore a variety of surfaces found on boats, yachts, and other watercraft.

Someone To Do It Marine Cream Cleaner is specifically developed to tackle tough stains, grime, oxidation, rust, and other common contaminants that accumulate on marine surfaces. It is suitable for use on materials such as fiberglass, gelcoat, vinyl, rubber, plastic, and metal. Whether you need to clean the hull, deck, cabin, upholstery, or other boat components, the marine cream cleaner can handle the task.

The cream cleaner's unique formulation, containing no acid and no bleach, combines powerful cleaning agents with gentle abrasives. The cleaning agents work to break down and lift away rust, dirt and stains, while the fine abrasives help to remove oxidation, scuffs, and light scratches from the surface. This dual-action approach ensures a thorough cleaning while also restoring the original shine and luster of the treated surfaces.

To use the marine cream cleaner, you apply a small amount onto a damp cloth or sponge, you gently rub the cleaner in a circular motion, focusing on the areas with stains or discoloration. For hard to reach areas use a nail brush or toothbrush, for big areas like your deck, apply to your deck brush after wetting the area. TOnce the desired cleaning is achieved, you can rinse off the cleaner with water and wipe the surface dry.

Someone To Do It Marine Cream Cleaner is formulated to be non-abrasive, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. They are designed to be safe for use in water environments without causing harm to marine life or ecosystems.

Regular use of Someone To Do It Marine Cream Cleaner helps maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your boat, keeping it in top condition. With its versatile cleaning capabilities, marine cream cleaner is a valuable tool in the maintenance and upkeep of marine vessels.