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Someone To Do It Heavy Cut Compound

Someone To Do It Heavy Cut Compound

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Heavy Cut is formulated to remove heavy to medium (900 - 1500 grit):

- scratches
- swirl marks
- oxidation
- overspray
- fender/bumper burns

- gel coat stains

For Use On:

Boats, Automobiles, RVs, Motorcycles and Aircraft.
- Clearcoat
- Gelcoat
- Metal
- Painted surfaces

For best results we recommend using a buffer with an RPM range from 1,200 to 2,100

Machine Application:

1. Shake product before use
2. Apply product to a small area with paint brush, cloth or sponge, spreading the product lightly.
3. Buff using light pressure at 1,200 to 2,100 RPM, starting at the lowest speed, .
4. Do not allow the product to dry or haze.

Hand Application:
Not recommended.
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